1934 PB-3 Flathead

One of the earliest large batches of Flathead banjos.  Tony Trishka's original flathead came from this batch.


Gibson PB-3 Flathead Wreath Mastertone
This is the state the banjo was in from the mid-1950's until 2010.  The banjo sports a Kay tenor neck that has been inlayed with the original Mastertone block from the plectrum neck (most likely broken early in life), and a JP Rogers calfskin head.  The Gibson logo from the headstock was inserted in the back of the new headstock (below).

The original pancake tuners were well maintained.

The resonator is stained a darker, redder hue than what is found in the style 3's of the later 1930's.

There is some serious un-touched pre-war dust in there!

The resonator numbers are all chalk, whereas most from the era had a red painted number
near the neck notch.

The original plectrum case survived, even though the original neck did not.

9580-6 and 9524-7 with RB Wreath necks